Good day, and thank God you are finally here because here I am going to give out that secrete machine or tool that can earn you the six figure income as. A tool that you can hardly see it anywhere. By now your heart may be beating very fast wondering what a hell of a tool is this and how much will it cost or if it is affordable. Well you need not worry because I focus my attention on the teaming jobless youths and those who may earn too little to take care of their needs and wish to alleviate their financial problem.

Permit me to introduce the

“8 -in-1 Mobile

Marketing Portal”

What can you do with this tool? High features

  • Send unlimited Bulk SMS and register new unlimited users
  • Create Unlimited Short Code Services to clients
  • Create Callertunes – Unlimited
  • Send Unlimited Voice calls (ROBO CAALS)
  • Nigerian GSM Database Categorized in LGA’s Nationwide

Here’s What the Portal We’ll Setup for You Will Look Like

Online Payment System: Members of your website can buy SMS, Voice Calls and others with their ATM card and the money will be credited directly into your bank account (Savings or Current).

Content management System: meaning you can edit everything on the portal yourself. You can as well add any other thing you want.

Open Gateway: You can use any gateway of your choice. Must not be ours. If you know where to get SMS cheaper, you can use their API. If you want to use Clone Concepts, you will be buying SMS @ 0.95kobo per SMS! (No minimum quantity, even if you buy one unit!!!). Instant delivery guaranteed.

Facebook application: Your users can send sms within facebook. Your users can also login to your portal with their facebook contact

Unlimited Resellers: The website can support sub-resellers under it. And even your sub-resellers can also have their resellers under them. During the mentorship section you will learn how to setup portal for your own resellers.

Voucher management system: The system support voucher recharge. You can create voucher and sell it offline just like normal mtn, glo recharge card.

Have your own API to give to your users: The system has its own valid API which you can give to any portal SMS dealer that will be linking to you.

Voice SMS/Robo call extensibility: You can send robocall through the system. It comes with the application already configured.

ShortCode setup extensibility: The system comes with short code setup super business system linked directly to the major shortcode gateway providers. You will be setting up short code for your clients and pocketing over N85,000 major VAS providers charge for this service.

Caller Tune extensibility: The system come with caller tune fabulous business system linked directly to major VAS aggregators giving you the flexibility of setting up caller tune for nothing.

SMS Alerts and SMS Autoresponder extensibility and many more features too numerous to list.

LGA Categorized GSM Database: Knowing that most people who will patronize your service will always ask for numbers they will promote their message to, we will give our reseller the Valid NationWide GSM Database categorized in a Local Government Area Wise Manner. – @ N10,000.00 Incredible you will say.

And for the Voice Broadcast, we are on a premium route so you are only charged for answered calls. The system retry it like 5 times if no response then the units for unanswered calls are automatically reverted to your account.

So with these lots we are offering you, earning can come from;

Selling the bulksms units

Selling the voice broadcasting/robo call units

Selling your API to people who want to be buying sms from you

Selling your autoresponder services

Selling the Caller tune setup packages

Selling the Short code setup packages


Selling your mobile App services

Selling your Mobile Website Services

Selling your short code and caller tune direct gateway access packages to other mobile marketer who are plugged only to one channel

Selling your highly categorized nationwide GSM database sorted in LGA to companies, Politicians, Churches, Business men/Women, Seminar/Event organizers, etc (search google and see the amount people are selling this alone)

This certainly will generate huge fund for you through multiple source thereby making your dream of financial independent realizable in a shorter period of time you never thought possible.

All theses on Now how much do you think this powerful yet user friendly portal will go for? Lolz! Its far cheaper than what you expect considering the fact that this is a promo offer for a few smart people available till end of December. So if you think you are smart then keep only N45,000.00 ready and send EMAIL with your name, Phone, Contact address, and desired website name with the subject “RESERVE MY 8-IN-! PORTAL” to or send SMS to 081-681-38808 with the message Phone, Contact address, and desired website name with the subject “RESERVE MY 8-IN-! PORTAL and our technical & support team will respond to you immediately.

NOTE:1. We shall guide you to make a minimum of N80k – N120k before the end of December since its a festive season and a lot of mobile transactions are taking place nationwide.

NOTE:2. We guarantee a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not pleased with the service.

Please watch out for more updates on the offer




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